VTC welcomes suggestions for its next season

As Valley Theater Company’s artistic director, I am looking for your suggestions for plays VTC might consider for its 2018-19 season and inquiring about your interest in directing for VTC during the next season.
VTC’s season opens in September (allowing lots of summertime rehearsal options!). Other productions times are early December (preferably a family-friendly production), mid February (typically an adult-themed script) and mid-spring. For the 2018-19 season, I am especially looking for straight plays for the December and spring time slots. I have a musical tentatively in the February time slot and, pending its release, another musical in the September slot. I am looking for a straight play that I can use as a potential placeholder in the September time slot AND that can be bumped to September 2019 if needed. (Call me for details!)
I invite you to identify up to three straight plays that you think are suitable for VTC; please indicate which ones you are willing to direct. When you respond, please let me know:
  • title and author of play
  • if you have a script available that I may borrow
  • which time slot(s) is (are) best for you
If you are interested in directing and have no play suggestions, fear not! We have some ideas for you!!
Audience members and production participants also will have opportunities to suggest plays, and a limited number will participate in the reading and recommendation of plays.
I will appreciate receiving your recommendations by the end of November. Final selection will be made in March. Please feel welcome to contact me with any questions. I look forward to receiving your ideas!
Candace Andrews, Artistic Director

Valley Theater Company

The Princess Theatre, Prosser WA

Please complete the online form below.

Play Proposal Form

  • For straight plays and musicals VTC’s four-show season runs June through May with productions in September, December, February and April/May. VTC performs in the Princess Theatre in Prosser. Please provide as much information as possible in this form. If you are proposing a straight play, please provide a copy to the VTC Artistic Director as directed below and note if you want it returned to you.
  • Please provide a script if possible, to: Artistic Director Valley Theater Company 1228 Meade Avenue Prosser, WA 99350