Teen Movie Night FAQs

Parents have been asking a few questions re: the Teen Movie Nights, and we’ve been answering!

Question 1) Can parents come too? 
Answer 1) YES! Though your teen may want you to sit elsewhere in the theatre, parents are more than welcome to join in Teen Movie Nights at the Princess Theatre.

Question 2) How will you know if someone is a teen or even 20?
Answer 2) If someone looks to be under 13, because this is a PG-13 movie, we’ll check to see if they are with a parent, older sibling, or guardian.

Question 3) Will there be adults keeping an eye out?
Answer 3) YES! The Theatre Manager will be there for most Teen Movie Nights, along with the director of the Prosser CIA Coalition. We always have at least one adult volunteer on hand for events here at the Princess. If you’re ever interested, we’re always looking for more adults to train as volunteer House Managers for events.

Question 4) The Teen movies all seem geared towards boys?
Answer 4) The Teen Movies and theme of Marvel v. DC superheroes were chosen by the youth affiliated with Prosser CIA Coalition. If you have suggestions for future movies or event series after this summer, please contact Jen Dorsett at jennifer.dorsett.sac@gmail.com or the Theatre Manager at info@theprincesstheatre.net.