Princess Brides

WP_20130907_003The Princess Theatre and adjoining Green Room are the perfect venues for a wedding, reception, vow renewal, 25th Anniversary, and more.  Our 250-seat auditorium with professional sound and light system can comfortably accommodate your guests, while the ceremony takes place on stage, which itself provides a spacious and largely blank canvas for the wedding you have envisioned.

Expecting a number of young guests on your big day?  Consider adding private screenings of family favorite movies in the theatre while you enjoy your reception in the Green Room!

WP_20130907_005The Green Room at the Princess can comfortably hold tables and seating for 150-175 guests, while leaving room for your DJ or musical group, a generous dance space, a cake & gift tables, buffet line, and more during your reception, whether or not your wedding ceremony is here at the Princess.  A warming kitchen with commercial refrigerator but no stove are included in the room rental.

Want your ceremony and reception in a single space?  The Green Room can work for you as well!

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Calling all Princess Brides! (And friends and families)DSC00212

If your wedding was here at the Princess, or you attended a wedding here at the Princess, we’d love to see your photos of the theatre and Green Room set for your wedding and reception! Please email to share your personal photos, and for more details on how we’d like to use them.

Note: If the photos were taken by a professional, please provide their name, business name, and contact information so we can obtain their permission for use.